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Classified Get the perfect look for an upcoming event Get the perfect look for an upcoming event

Women it comes to looking fabulous, women by far outspend men in getting beauty treatment. There are a variety of treatments available for women. Form pedicures, manicures, facials, makeup and different hairstyles. So, it no wonder that when your best friend is about to get married in Ohio, you are not shy about spending a few hundred dollars on a new hairstyle at the local Hair salon in Maumee OH .

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Classified Release your anxiety and stress by getting massage Release your anxiety and stress by getting massage

Our modern life is full of stress and anxiety. With extremely hard work related deadlines, meetings and financial worries, life can be full of stress. Accordingly, we rarely have alone time where one can relax and just forget about worries. Some people resort to drugs and others to alcohol, but nothing comes close to getting a massage. In fact, a massage releases endorphins (our natural feel good chemicals) which enable us to relax. So, go ahead, get in your car, and drive to your nearest Massage therapist Toledo OH .

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Classified Reasonable salon booth on rental basisin Toledo OH

Ever had the chance to start your own salon business with least investment? Well now you get it from Select Salon Studios! We offer affordable salon booths on rental basis in Maumee and Toledo OH where our clients can operate their business by acting as the sole owner of their salon and enjoy the maximum share of profits. Contact us 419-309-0009 for further details. Salon owner Toledo OH

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Classified Affordable salon spaces on rent in Toledo OH

The prospect of starting a beauty salon business is nicely tempting but not everyone has the needed capital to purchase their own salon. Well turn your prospect into reality as our studio is offering salon spaces on rent in Maumee and Toledo OH! Our salon spaces come with easy terms and conditions, are installed with all the basic accessories and equipment stylists need to do their job, and is aesthetically pleasing enough to attract even the biggest clients. Contact us for further details. Local salon Toledo OH

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